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Vegetable Dum Biryani

Sometimes video production and editing takes a lot of time even if you have the ...

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I know that I haven’t been posting recipes lately and its been few long weeks ...

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Mcdonald’s Saucy Aloo Wrap

INGREDIENTS TO MAKE MCALOO TIKKI:   6 Tortilla Wrap (Whole Wheat or Flour) 6 Aloo ...

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McDonalds Masala Grill Chicken Wrap / Chipotle Grill Chicken Wrap

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After working for months on the trying to determine the spice mix that is in ...

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McDonalds Chipotle Mayonnaise

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McDonalds Chipotle MayonnaiseWell many of you have been asking me since I posted my “tortilla ...

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Noodles reminds me of my childhood when my mommy used to cook it as a ...

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When I posted my chicken and cheese shots recipe a lot of subscribers asked me ...

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Yeast Free Bhatura Recipe / Fried Bread


Now this recipe is just and extension of my Restaurant style chana masala recipe, but ...

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Khatte Aloo / Spicy Tangy Potatoes

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Well this is the second part in my chole bhature series and yes this might ...

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Perfect Punjabi Choley Masala / Chana Masala

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First off I’d like to thank my family for eating these Garbanzo beans/Kabuli chanas for ...

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